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Last Updated: March 2019

What is VEX?

Robots! Is there anything we're more fascinated by and terrified of at the same time? Robotics is the study of how robots interact with its surroundings. Some robots can do work by themselves while other robots need human assistance.  A robot is a programming mechanical device that can perform, ask, and interact with its environment, with and without the aid of human interaction. Basic components of a robot include; body/frame, control system, manipulators and the drive train. But, robotics is not just about the mechanics it's also about software. Every action the robot takes is created by human-made programs. Programming can be utilized in many different aspects such as  mechanism design, sensors, computer vision, robot learning, neural control of movement, brain-machine interfaces and natural language instruction. Programming depends on what type of application you want to develop and what system you are using, however, most roboticists agree that C and C++ are a good starting point for robotics. They require a lot of lines of code, however, as robotics is very dependent on real-time performance, C and C++ are probably the closest thing that roboticists have to "a standard language".​ Throughout schools, teachers are implementing robotic programs such as VEX to teach students about STEM and problem solving. The world currently needs innovators, and problem solving leaders, and the gap will only increase. VEX has been split up into sectors, through which they reach elementary (VEX IQ), high school (VEX EDR) and university level (VEX PRO). VEX holds competitions throughout the year in many countries which you can participate in to possibly qualify for worlds, learning life long skills along the way.