Varman's Smile 

On March 2nd, 2019, we lost our dearest and beloved Abivarman Arul, who decided to take his own life. He was an amazing brother, son, cousin, and friend. His smile would brighten up the entire room, every time he entered the robotics room at our school or at each and every tournament. As friends and teammates of Abivarman we are completely devastated. 


Abivarman loved helping others before he would help himself. As a driver and builder on the 356X team for the 2017- 2018 season, he was a very important part to our team. Abivarman had represented our team with a positive attitude as seen through his accomplishments on the team, as he achieved the Robot Skills and Tournament Champion trophy at the Lockheed Martin Ontario VEX Qualifier in 2017. His hard work was carried on to Worlds as he attended the VEX World Championship in Louisville, Kentucky in April 2018 as a builder and scout for 356A, B and C.  


Varman's Smile Foundation aspires to raise funds towards the efforts of raising awareness about mental health issues. We look to use this foundation as an outlet for individuals to seek help and have a welcoming and positive environment. 

I want to personally thank all that donate and I want to ensure all that donate that your dollars will be well utilized to encourage open conversation and creating safe spaces for mental health causes. Further information regarding the Varman's Smile Foundation will follow soon.

And remember, one message can go a long way. Check up on your loved ones, even the ones who smile.


GoFundMe: Varman's Smile

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Last Updated: March 2019