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Last Updated: March 2019


Teaching Course: Teacher-Librarian

Teacher Since:  Forever :)

Education:  Western University

Fun Fact:  Enjoy counting balls, cones and caps.  See the pattern!

Eric Robbins

Teaching Course: Manufacturing, Design, Computer Engineering

Teacher Since: 2001

Education: Electrical Engineering, Bachelor of Business Administration 

Fun Fact: Crazy About Robotics

Vizarat Shaikh

Previous Mentor

Teaching Course: Manufacturing, Computers and all things TECH!!

Teacher Since: Forever

Education: Mechanical Engineering Degree, Life Long Learner

Fun Fact: Rides a motorcycle and loves to cook.

Martin Mayer

Teaching Course: Communications Technology, Construction, Tech. Studies, Special Ed.

Teacher Since: 2013

Education: Bachelor of Technology, etc., etc.

Fun Fact: Motorcycles and guitars are fun! (but not at the at same time)

Jim Tanevski