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Last Updated: March 2019

Guide For Scouting 


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Scouting is one of the most important jobs at a tournament because it determines the success of the team according to how efficient it is done throughout the day. This is a great opportunity for many teams to analyze other robots and determine strategies when competing against other teams. Throughout the years, our scout team has implemented different techniques for the most efficient way of scouting which not only lead us to success but opportunities for achieving our goal. Listed below are some techniques that we have worked with in the past. 


  • One scout oversees all teams at the tournament, while others scout specific teams for each 356 sub-team. They will look for specific robot designs and strategies to defeat them.


  • Each 356 sub-team has a group of scouts who are split into two; one group will record matches throughout the day and record information of teams competing who will be our alliance or opposition in the future. The other group will record direct robot information, such as robot specifications including the type of lift mechanism, the drive train, the number of motors for each subsystem and unique designs.


  • Last season, the scouting sheets we had used for Ontario Provincials is provided above. During this competition, we were aiming towards the most accurate information as we were aware of the importance of it and how it would help us qualify for VEX WORLDS 2018-2019. 

    • We allocated a pair of members for approximately 10 other teams who could possibly be our alliance or opponent. Due to four 356 teams competing at provincials, we were aware of how we would need information quickly and accurately. 

    • Each pair would collect information about the team given and fill out the left side of the sheet above. Throughout the day, we were aware of the changes people would make on their robot, so throughout the day the pair of students would continuously watch matches, skills runs, or the robot in the practise field to make sure the information provided is accurate. 

    • Our scouting strategy worked as we were able to qualify three of our teams to Worlds.


  • This year we are implementing a much more efficient scouting strategy to replace the multiple papers we would have to print before competitions. We are discussing a way in which we could scout on a device while implementing a software in which we could record the information and store it in a cloud which would be given access to members of our team with or without wireless internet or cellular data.