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Last Updated: March 2019

Engineering Notebook Tips


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General Tips

The Design Award is another way for a team to qualify for Worlds and Provincials in most cases. This is a great opportunity for many teams and allows them to take a professional approach to the design process, project, and time management. This a way for teams to organize their ideas and allow others to understand why certain steps were taken. Below are some tips in making an engineering notebook. 

  • The notebook must be clear and concise.

  • Complete document of the process such as explaining every design and strategy made throughout the entire season.

  • Provide a way for the judge to see how your team demonstrates personnel, time and resource management.

  • Pictures, sketches and calculations should all be labeled.

  • Each page must have a date and initial.​

  • Provide a brief summary of the objectives of the game.

  • Never erase or remove anything from the engineering notebook.

  • Include

    • Title page​

    • Table of contents

    • Team Meeting Notes

    • Tournament Summaries

    • Documented all testing and code debugging

    • Every design implementation

  • Record Every day.​

  • Computer Aided Designing is recommended as they help people recognize design flaws online.

Hand Written Design Book

There are two ways for teams to make an engineering notebook, one is handwritten in a notebook and the other is printed. Below is a list of tips for teams who are deciding to write their design book. 

  • Write in permanent ink (should not bleed into the page)

  • Do not erase/write-out anything, single-line cross outs. 

  • Mark off excess space on a paper with an "X" and initial it.

  • Each picture/sketch added  should be signed by the person who placed it in and the date of when it was posted. 

  • Use a notebook or a binder.

    • Notebook: When the book is complete, archive ​it and begin a new one.

    • Binder: all pages must increment by date and all pages must be in the three rings.

  • Each picture that is taped or glued on must be outlined with a pen just in case the picture falls out. 

Printed Design Book

The bullet points below provide a sense of how the team should illustrate their work in a types design book. However, the team should be careful as a printed Engineering Notebook can also be seen as a Team Journal. 

  • Bound the printed pages together by placing them in a three-ring binder or getting them spiral bounded.

  • Each page must have writers initials, title, witness' initials, page number and date.

  • Fonts should be size 12 times new (Times New Roman or Arial).

  • Draw sketches on an online software or photocopy them and place in document.

  • Initialize every page after printed with the date on the bottom