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Last Updated: March 2019

Building  Resources 

Unique Drive Trains 
Unique Lift Design
Programming Sensors

Programming sensors allows the robot to make controlled movements with great accuracy. For basic programming of sensors, use a while statement to find the value of the sensor. For example, while the sensor value of a shaft encoder is less than 1000, move forward till it becomes 1000. 






This means while the sensor value of the left encoder is less than 100 or your desired value, the motors will move until it becomes that value, making it easier to move certain distances.

The platform widely used by teams is Vex Coding Studio, a platform that is used for programming. The language that Robot C++ uses is called C. C is not suitable for the programming of desktop application. Even though they may not be the same, this could lead to a seamless transition into a career of software programming. To learn more, watch the video below.

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