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Last Updated: March 2019

After months of competitive competitions and discussions with teams across Ontario, our Team 356B joined the Supreme Alliance.

Supreme Alliance was founded in 2017 which originally consisted of 4 teams from Ontario, and had gained popularity through multiple reveals of...

Update: Two of our team 356 teams have qualified for the world championship!

Team 356A achieved a spot to Worlds through the Skills aspect of VEX, due to their high rank in the Skills list, they were able to qualify to Worlds as many Ontario teams had either double or t...

Team 356B worked on a reveal to publish for the provincial competition, we used this video as way to showcase our robot two night before the competition.

We would like to thank SolidWorks for providing us with the resources to implement our designs on a 3D Computer Aided Design Software. We appreciate their help in providing us with a license for the rest of this season and the 2019-2020 VEX Robotics Season. 

Our 356A team worked day in and day out and are finally accepted into the Blizzard alliance as they compete in the 2018-2019 Turning Point VEX Season. 

The alliance initially began with a few teams from United States, but the alliance had gained popularity as...

We greatly appreciate the immense financial support we have received from our sponsors this year.

We are able to reach the great lengths of our team this year because of them. Highmark Global and Highmark

Interactive are companies that work in the medical - technologies...

356A attended a competition in Barrie, Ontario. 

They played multiple matches, won five, lost two and ranked 10th place throughout the day before entering alliance selection. During alliance selection, our team chose PF Robotics, 42904G, as alliance partners. We made it...