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Last Updated: March 2019

Who Are We?

Team 356 is an exceptional and highly competitive high school robotics team at Castlebrooke Secondary School in Brampton, Ontario. We have been competing in VEX Robotics Competition since 2013, making this our sixth year. Our team has received awards including tournament champions, creative engineering designs, robot performance and strong partnerships between all members of the VEX community. A large objective of VEX is to encourage students to pursue careers in robotics and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) fields through the process of designing, prototyping, building, programming, collaboration and more. Since the introduction of VEX Robotics at Castlebrooke in 2013, the team has achieved many accomplishments and continue to improve day by day. Our rookie team consistently demonstrates dedication, commitment and learning through building and competing. They face many strong teams that are outstanding and have been competing for many years, including those with experience from previous VEX competitions, but still perform expertly. As a result of countless hours spent designing, building, programming, and driving, our team has been met with positive outcomes during competitions. We continue to advance every day as we strive for success. Knowing that we are able to persevere and build on our past is only possible because of the exceptional help and support from the teachers and mentors, who are there to witness the team’s progress and share tips for improvement.

Team 356 has had the pleasure of participating in many competitions with excellent results, and each
tournament motivates us to do better. We have accomplished a lot and have grown to become a successful team.Goals are set guiding us on a path of success as we continue to achieve a little more each day.

The two fundamental principles that Team 356 goes by are: “Vex is Life” and “DWWGI”. The term, “Vex is Life”
means that we will dedicate our full attention to all aspects of the game and make it our first priority. We know that each year the VEX game is more intense and requires more skill, and in order to succeed, we must match up and prevail against other teams. We push ourselves to work twice as hard and to do better than the previous year. “DWWGI”, is an acronym for “Don’t Worry, We Got It”. Simply, this means that we will keep a positive mindset and remember to have fun while we achieve our goals. We understand that VEX can get stressful and we like to promote a healthy mindset in all aspects of VEX. These virtues help us reach our goals, and complete any tasks given to us regardless of the difficulty level.

In previous years, Team 356 has participated in six unique VEX Robotics challenges and triumphed in each
game as were were able to compete at five Provincial Competitions and four World Championships. Two of the teams, 356B and 356E (no longer a team), did exceptionally well as Team B achieved 13th place out of 86 teams from all around the world in the 2014 VEX Robotics World Championship High School Math Division, and were victorious in the Ontario Provincial Championship as the winning alliance. Team E achieved 22nd place out of 90 teams from all around the world in the 2015 VEX Robotics World Championship High School Science Division, and the title of finalist at the 2015 Ontario Provincial Championship. The entire 356 Team also attained many other awards, such as Tournament Champions, Finalist, Semi-Finalist, Excellence, Design, Build, Amaze, Sportsmanship, Think, Judges, Innovate, Create, and Energy. Each year our team is able to learn new aspects of robotics and improve our skills. Team 356 continually demonstrates excellence and integrity in every thing we do.